Vision, Mission and Values


We aim to become a benchmark health care clinic, in particular for the
locomotor system and joint pathology. We aim to practice high quality medicine while
keeping the main focus on the person.


To provide health care to the population through the highest ethical standards, always keeping the patient’s interests in mind, while respecting their individuality and needs. We believe in medicine’s humanization by developing long-lasting relationships, based on trust and integrity with all stakeholders.


Integrity – We always act in line with the highest ethical standards: respect, honesty, transparency and impartiality.

Quality – We always provide an outstanding service, emphasizing on rigor and in compliance with standards and the best practices. Our team is in permanent research to
develop new knowledge.

Personal service – We privilege a relationship built on the knowledge of the patient’s needs, aiming to better humanize the clinical act performance.

Team spirit – We believe that we can only achieve our goals and enhance a common
welfare by developing aligned and cooperative actions.

Profitability and sustentability – It is only possible to generate value for our
shareholders by managing efficiently production costs and patient satisfaction levels.