Quality and Patient Safety

We feel that Quality and Patient Safety is of most importance on our surgical activity, therefore we undertake close measure of control to asses our performance.

We take especial care evaluating the Outcomes of our patients, using functional scores, like the Harris Hip Score, the Knee Score or Foot and Ankle Outcome Score, but especially PROM’s (Patient-reported Outcome Measures) that are done without the participation of the performing surgeon and can be collected from a distance, through the telephone.
This practice is fundamental for us, it allows the constant quality control of our work and benchmarking it with the best centres in the World.

We also monitor closely the occurrence of complications, although unwanted, complications are sometimes inevitable even after pursuing all preventing measures. Our infection rate, on Primary Hip and Knee Arthroplasty is a relatively rare event being around 1%. On Ankle Replacement is less than 5%.

The overall complications rate on Primary Hip and Knee Arthroplasty is approximately 4% with more than 90% of Prothesis still implanted after 10 years. Analysing our occurrence rates we can conclude that our results are in line with most international centres.